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Field folks who have graciously included me in their research expeditions

mit field camp 2018
sweeney granite mtn research center
gas up
great exposure (mojave)
studying structure (mojave)
camp mgrs
dr. nelson (hopkins)
close up kyrgyzstan
naryn kygyrzstan
long drops
heavy lifting
rocks in kyrg
valley kyrgyzstan
me in kyrg

Sedimentary geology and structure field camp in Death Valley National Park:

Jagoutz Lab MIT

Macdonald Lab UC Santa Barbara


Scoping Baykonour glaciation and Neoproterozoic sediments that host early eukaryotic microfossils and volcanics to constrain and understand basin formation in Naryn, Kyrgyzstan:

Smith Lab Johns Hopkins

The interplay of genes and ecology in the social behavior of a halictid bee in France: 

Pierce Lab Harvard University

Kocher Lab Princeton University

Outreach and education in the Flaming Cliffs: 

Minjin Lab AMNH

Institute for the Study of Mongolian Dinosaurs 

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