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Films made years ago, and some are password protected

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Follow the Honey (2013)

Advised by Joanna Lipper. My first job in the real world was to sell honey in Harvard Square. I became close with the owner, Mary Canning, and she graciously brought me along on her journey to find solace in the sweetness of beekeeping. Along the way, I become a bit obsessed by honeybees myself. Featuring music by Zee Avi performed by Wynnm Murphy

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The Grind (2015)

Advised by Robb Moss. I follow my father through his daily ritual as an unconventional small-business owner in my stiflingly conservative hometown in Idaho. A raw and real side of my father as well as his (now bankrupt) legacy of love and lattes. In the piece I reconcile and process the guilt of returning home from travels and school. Then I felt a stranger to my hometown and daughterly duties. 

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Pontoon (2016)

Collaboration with Zoe Tucker, Wren Droege, and Katie Gallogy-Swan. I wonder how the years after our retreat of reverie look on everyone? Focused on our heads chatting and bobbing merrily in the water after sauna hours, the work of renovation, icy quenches, and awe in the elegant folds and structures of the clay labia that Nat Breitenstein molded. I did a back dive the other day just to make sure I could.

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